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An Omnichain NFT Infrastructure & scaling solutions for builders and creators meant to add value to every digital asset user in the ecosystem! Let's add some Magic to your NFTs!

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The platform requires no coding experience to fully leverage its potential!

Modular Digital Assets Stack


Programmable Utilities

The built-in platform already provides a list of ready to use utilities but it also takes into consideration the customization across range of needs (dApps, chains, protocols) via SDK and other dev tooling support


Simplifying Web3 Dev Tooling Ecosystem

Easy to install, setup and use makes drip sdk an awesome tool to use for developing your next web3 project. Works with most javascript and typescript framework. More support on the way.


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Dynamic, Interactable, Actionable

Smart NFTs can be programmed to unlock new content or features based on specific conditions. For example, a Smart NFT representing a digital collectible could grant access to exclusive content after being held by the same owner for a certain period. This gamification aspect adds a layer of interactivity and engagement for collectors, enhancing the overall value proposition of Smart NFTs.

Drip SDK


Open Web Protocol

Builders and developers can build their own utilities and make it available to the large community. The entire DripVerse ecosystem is an open ecosystem where community made plugins is going to be the cornerstone for new upcoming projects


Meant for mass adoption

The entire lifecycle needs has starting from login till exit has been designed in a manner such that even a native web2 user can fully use it with ease.

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