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Key to the Multi-Metaverse

The Metaverse as awesome as it is, still needs to be access controlled and certain limitations to be put up given the creator of it. DripVerse Gatekeeper is uniquely equipped to handle Metaverse needs with a strong foundation of ground up approach. Several areas where multiple features of DripVerse are standing out and you need to get in on it.

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Smart NFTs are the real driver behind the Metaverse

A truly open metaverse needs to be governed by the same people using it. To enable the same, DripVerse provides all the utilities needed.

DripVerse is not a Metaverse, but a Metaverse OS in the making. Let‘s get started with using various utilities needed for the Metaverse. We will talk about a few of them here. If you have more ideas to work on or specific need, feel free to reach out to us at hello@dripverse.org with your use-case.

The real utility comes from users and we value user experience as the most critical aspect of Cyberspace. Metaverse is where we all meet. Let‘s not make it boring!

Supporting multiple wallets and auth variations, give your user more freedom.

Create a reward model for your Community NFT holders in the Metaverse with custom set rules.

Get paid from secondary sales with royalty splits. Supporting multiple marketplaces.

Metaverse Gating: Configure a fully customisable access control system for your Metaverse.


Unlock Metaverse Ticketing

More visibility, greater control, traceable ownership. Next-generation event tickets are programmable with royalty splits, built-in rewards, resale price ceilings and more. You make the rules.

A marketplace of your choice

Buy and sell NFT tickets with ease using DripVerse marketplace or any other of your choice. DripVerse supports a wide range of marketplaces for complete freedom of user choice. NFT Tickets make it much more easier for transfers as late as last moment.

Supporting Multiple Login Methods

Weather you are from web3 or web2 world, we got your back. We support various ways to create account and complete freedom over non-custodial decentralised wallets as well as custodial support alongwith a distinguished claim process for non-wallet users.

A smooth listing process

List your collectibles and NFTs in a secure environment with even the rarest piece of history that you hold.

No more messy on-boarding

User Experience is extremely important to us. We have the quickest onboarding to get you up and running in minutes.


Everybody wins

The current system of ticketing doesn‘t help artists, fans or brands. It‘s a system which just works. We‘ve an opportunity to do better. NFTs can establish true fanbase with rarer tickets being valued accordingly. Brands have a more clarity with a transparent system to enable new features without any need for data selling.


Did you say Interoperable?
Powered by mutliple NFT Bridges to bring to you the freedom to choose any network.


Community driven usage and builder modules

DripVerse stands to be an open web protocol targetted for everyday users as well as seasoned developers alike. Our advanced SDK and extensive integrations adds further value to every level of growing stage of Metaverse.

Let‘s #BUILD!

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