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A Digital Bouncer for your DApps

A seamless integration of NFTs with your DApp protects unwanted access and highly customisable using No-Code Platform and SDK.

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Supercharged NFTs protecting your content and data

Your wallet funds are secured

Access control on services and drops with peace of mind

Your smoothest transition to the Cyberspace

Password-less login supporting decentralised identity makes authentication hassle-free

A decentralised access control that can be configured based on NFT owned and distributed easily

For Users

Cross-platform support with more coming soon...


DripVerse Platform

Access all your NFTs and their respective utilities on DripVerse platform.

DApp Access

Access the Utilities directly from the DApp powered by our rich SDK.

Web3 Wallets

Web3 Wallets support coming soon...

For Verifiers

Configure easily from DripVerse Platform and go through the SDK documentation to integrate in your DApp or Wallet. We currently support only JavaScript SDK. However, we are working on supporting other languages on need basis as well. If you need support to integrate, please reach out to support@dripverse.org with your project link and tech stack.


Integrated Marketplace

How about that? Trade your privilege if you are not using it anymore.


Enable NFT Gating for own DApp right now

Currently, we are reviewing each DApp manually before enabling DripVerse for them.

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